At the corner of a chic street in Upper East Side, in an fancy cafe in Soho, or an electrified party in Brooklyn. Woman-child, sometimes capricious. Happy-go-lucky. Natural, always. Only the lips tips painted red. An elegant allure, rocked by a sweet nonchalance.

A sweet palette of powder colors, quality French fabrics. A minimalist and clean style with pretty and neat details. Casual but sophisticated, Juliette clothes were made in a very small edition, entirely in New York, in the Garment District’s workshops.


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"When I grow up, I'll be a stylist in Paris, London or NYC."

I grew up with an increasingly strong desire to do this job. After studying Applied Arts and Fashion Design in Lyon and Marseille, a few internships in Paris and NYC, I worked as a Collection Assistant for Sessun, further refining my tastes and desires. At 25 years old, I decided to fly to the city of my dreams; New York, with the intention of creating clothes.

It may be a bit utopian, and clearly optimistic, but I believe in the American Dream.

Dreamy, with open eyes and feet on the ground, I heard the sweet voice of my mother repeat the old proverb “never try, never know” followed by the voice of my sister from the other side of the world “there is no real chance in life, only beautiful encounters and opportunities that you have to seize.” And finally, there was the little voice inside me that pushed me to tell you this story …

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